Bespoke Polo Boots

Bespoke Polo Boots

The Krono Polo Boots have been praised by some of the world’s best Polo Players. They are made in Argentina from the finest Buffalo hides.

Buffalo leather is perfect for Polo Boots. A lot like our skin, it is a material that breathes, absorbs and releases moisture. The boots adjust to our body temperature making them comfortable while playing high goal polo during the summer heat of Argentina and Palm Beach or to play arena chukkas during the moist and cold winter polo season in UK.

The Krono Polo Boots will conform to your body but will not stretch out of shape. The leather will become more supple and comfortable after many months of use.

Durability is an important element of our Krono polo boots. The strength and elasticity of the hides we use give our boots a high resistance to ripping. The soles are welted, which makes them for more durable, waterproof and lasting.

Our Krono Boots are easy to clean. They have strong fibres and a smooth finish that prevent any penetration of dust, lint or horsehair. We recommend leather cleaners and conditioners to maintain your boots to the best conditions for many years of enjoyments while horse riding or playing polo.

Delivery of our Bespoke Polo Boots can take up to 31 days from reception of the completed form.

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